Business Development Manager

Work Type: Full Time

Job Overview

This role is part of the sales and pitch team at HiveMinds. 

It entails the overall responsibility of delivering monthly business targets  and generation of potential leads.  Success in this role is closely linked to sales and marketing expertise. 




1. Generate outbound leads as per industry understanding and trends. 

2. Track and monitor lead management flow

3. Aggressively participate in pitching clients and onboarding them 

4. Work with the management team in identifying opportunities for new and existing clients. 

5. Prepare visually appealing presentations and reports. 

6. Report to Senior Manager- Growth

7. Contribute to overall growth of the organisation

Open to Freshers and experienced up to 2 years in prior sales/ business development roles. 



1. Being able to think visually 

2. Being Detail-oriented

3. Great interpersonal skill

4. Being proactive with problem solving skills 

5. Possess advance analytical skills 

                                 6. Microsoft Office Skills: PPT and Excel is mandatory 

7. Passionate to chase business goals 

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