Quality Assurance - Digital Marketing

Work Type: Full Time
Job Description

The Role
  • Provide updates on testing progress or other activities to the Manager
  • Analyse and investigate issues found in testing and work to resolve these with the relevant people
  • Constantly identify opportunities to improve quality
  • Build and drive Automation initiatives in the project
  • Develop testing protocols to minimize errors across all marketing channels and ensure the highest standards for all communications.
  • Proofread and test all deliverables for consistency, image quality, alignment, responsive design, form fields, user flow, dynamic content and personalizations, downloads, link accuracy, event recording, etc.
  • Keep meticulous documentation and maintain a log of all test results
What else do we need from YOU
  • Be hungry
  • Take initiative to solve problems
  • Be process oriented
  • Have superb social skills
  • Not be afraid of multi-thousand line Excel files
  • Have a thorough grasp on the English language
Do not bother applying if you
  • Cannot work productively independent of supervision
  • Have no interest in working hard from start to finish on every project
  • Are not willing to spend your off-time reading, testing and doing things to improve your capabilities
  • Are not auto-didactic [able to teach yourself new things]
Benefits of the role and responsibilities
  • You get to work with one of the few digital agencies certified as The Great Place to Work
  • Exponential learning opportunity with real world problems
  • Cool office space
  • Experience the joy of transforming lives of people who undergo your training in real time
  • Flexible work timings
  • Interact with people at all levels without permission

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